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Location Partnership is the UK’s most comprehensive and wide ranging library of locations for filming, photo shoots and events and is constantly being referenced by Location Managers, Directors, Producers and Photographers. The library is continually expanding and we are always keen to add new properties.

As you will see from the library we cover a huge range of locations from the everyday to the extra-ordinary. The style of a location can just as easily be ‘reserved’ and ‘tasteful’ as it can be ‘millionaire’s bling’.

A full film crew can be around 30 people or more, and there is a large amount of equipment they need to bring in for filming to take place. Photographic projects are generally on a much smaller scale. To facilitate filming or photography, there needs to be enough room to accommodate the crew and equipment, and then space for the action, so rooms should be a reasonable size.

It is free to register. If your property is used we will negotiate the location fee for you and provide a location contract and any other advice that you might need to ensure a successful shoot. Once a shoot has taken place we charge a 15% commission (+VAT) of the final facility fee paid to you by the Production Company or Photographer.

To register, all we ask initially is that you take some photographs of your property, preferably interior and exterior, and send them to us with a completed registration form. Good photos really help to encourage use of your property – please click the link below for some advice on how to take photos of your property.

Of course we can not guarantee your property will be used, and there will usually be a number of short visits by the Production Company or Photographer before the shoot in order to short-list locations and ensure that it will work technically.

PLEASE NOTE: We do have to be selective about which locations go up on our website so although we do accept and hang onto all registrations sent in to us your property will not necessarily appear on the site.

Many thanks for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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